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Game Review - Witcher 3
Posted 6/12/2015 by Dave

Witcher 3 was a breathtakingly beautiful game to play which I did for about 80 hrs loved it and definitely recommend playing has a great story too. I'm happy with the ending I received which I hear is 1 of 3 possible endings so no replay for me. I suppose it is time for me to shelf the game since all thats left is some dlc's and expansions in the fall to look forward to.

Tid bits from the headlines $32 million in development, $35 million in advertizing and 4 million copies sold in the first 2 weeks.

Things I would of told my former self before or do different.

  • Put some talent points in axii sign early on for some of the quests.
  • Dont just pick up quests and walk away some of them fail.
  • Around lvl 17 research the Witcher armor sets and start hunting them down.


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